Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 10, 2013

Kỹ thuật thay chậu lan Vanda

Để thay chậu cho 1 cây lan Vanda sang 1 chậu mới, những gì bạn cần làm là:
  • torch 
  • shears 
  • pliers 
  • an electric or cordless drill and assorted bits 
  • wooden or bamboo stakes 
  • Better-Gro wood orchid basket 
  • ties or wire 
  • coarse potting material (optional) 
  • fungicide & cotton swabs 
  • tie-on nametags 

It's a good idea to begin every orchid potting session by sterilizing your cutting tools, and re-sterlize between plants. Begin by cutting off any old flower spikes.

Here we see active new roots. Cut the stem just below the new roots. Remove the old section that has mostly dead roots. Dead roots on Vandaceous orchids usually appear dry and shriveled.

The basket on the right is larger than necessary whereas the basket on the left should provide an adequate home for several years, perhaps even until it begins to decay.

You will use a bamboo stake to secure the Vanda in the basket. Select a drill bit that is the same size or slightly smaller than the stake you intend to use. The stake must be firmly seated in the hole. If you drill too big a hole, you will need to find another stake.

Turn the basket over and locate the approximate center. If you need to, draw a line between opposing corners to find the center. Drill a hole.

Turn the basket right side up and work the stake into the hole. If necessary hammer it in...lineman's pliers work well for this.

Holding the plant so that the stem is up against the stake use a tie material to fasten it securely.

Use your lineman's pliers to trim the stake to the height of the plant.

Attach a wire hanger and nametag.

Most vandaceous orchids will happily grow in an empty basket providing that you adjust your watering schedule accordingly (more frequently). If you wish, you may add a potting medium of your choice. Any coarse medium such as tree fern chunks, large lava rock or large pieces of charcoal may be added to the basket.