Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 5, 2020

How to fix variegated pothos reverted to green

For pothos varieties. For example Manjula pothos, then the beauty of pothos lies in: the color of the leaves must be mixed between green and creamy white patches. 

When the pothos leaves are creamy white with more numbers, the leaves will be brighter and more beautiful. However, when planting pothos that are marbled, variegated, Occasionally there will be some cases: The variegated pothos leaves are reverted, back to green. Even some pothos leaves are no longer white, only green. 

+ Phenomenon of pothos leaves reverting to green, It is largely determined by the light. 
Here is my little test. The Manjula pothos was planted by me in two different locations. Above is a layer of netting, This lower layer has reduced sunlight by 50%. And a layer of mesh reduces 70% of the sunlight. These 2 mesh layers are covered alternately. Above and below the trellis are Manjula pothos plants that I have been growing for 2 months. 

Some plants I put under the Nursery Bench, these Manjula pothos plants receive less light. After 2 months of planting, the color of the leaves Manjula pothos above and below the nursery bench have begun to change. The Manjula pothos below the trellis receive less light, so the color of the leaves is almost exclusively green. This Manjula pothos pot, Initially placed in a well-lit location, leaves develop variegated greenish-white hues. 
Then, when the plant is placed in a location with less light, the new young leaves that appear are only green. Meanwhile, the Manjula pothos planted on the rig receive more light, white patches on the leaves appear a lot. 

+ For pothos plants that have been reverted to green. If on the tree there are still leaves with alternating white and green colors, It can be overcome by bringing this pothos plant to a place with more light. But it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight shining on the leaves, which can cause the leaves to burn. After placing the reconstituted pothos in a place with more light, New leaves that develop may be there is back to greenish-white, patchy. 

+ Here is a pot of Manjula pothos, originally the leaves were only green. After that, I planted it in a location with lots of light, and the new leaves started to grow white, green, and patchy. 

Here are a few tips to help grow variegated, marbled pothos such as: Manjula Pothos, N-Joy Pothos, Marble Queen pothos... get better leaf color.